Wednesday, February 4, 2015


So I'm taking care of some bills this afternoon and thought I'd share.

This is *basically* for the hospital stay we had when Callum got sick with a cold/ear infection over Thanksgiving.

I say basically because it *does* cover some of his chemotherapy that we would have done, regardless of being in the hospital. But it doesn't cover the 3 weeks of every other day visits and blood draws we had to do after we were discharged, to monitor his counts. So, I figure, it's probably a close good estimate (possibly on the low end, I haven't bothered to calculate it out).

And of course, it doesn't put a dollar figure on our time. 10 days in the hospital, away from family and friends. Plus another 3 weeks of back and forth visits, no school, and canceled events (birthday parties, swim classes, Mom's Pilates - you name it, I was canceling it!).

And it certainly doesn't represent the amount of worry and stress we have while he's so sick. Nor the stress we have of him being OFF of chemotherapy for four weeks, while his body recovers!

When you put all of that into perspective, you can see why Callum getting just the common cold can be so serious for us.

Now, about the recent Measles outbreak (due to stupid ass parents who threaten both their own children's health, as well as others').....

I can't even go there, without my blood boiling.


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