Friday, February 27, 2015

Some good news

"Mom, you're totally going to lose" (Callum says, as we play a new game).

So we got some good news today. Our doctor returned from his conference and examined the cells in question (from Monday's LP) himself, and isn't concerned. He says he wouldn't even have labeled them blasts (which is what the lab tech had reported them as), but would call them immature cells, and a result from the infection Callum is fighting, nothing more.

He's seen this happen many times before and the number of cells that showed up on Callum's results is so insignificant it doesn't warrant another LP check, in his opinion. (In fact, had he not been out of town, it sounds like he probably wouldn't have even mentioned it to us, to save us the grief)

So, our LP for next week has been canceled. And we are back to "normal" (other than still being in the hospital!).

I feel like we've really been through the ringer this week. So I'm still a bit nervous, but am happy to hear the good news and am glad our doctor reviewed our case himself.

Callum's counts did drop again today - so because of that and this little hiccup with the cultures, means we get to stay another day. But, assuming the cultures remain negative tomorrow, regardless of counts, it sounds like we may finally get discharged.

I'm not holding my breath. ;-) But it WOULD be nice to finally sleep in my own bed once more. :)

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