Sunday, September 18, 2016

A child's innocence

Last week, randomly, Logan asked me if I could buy him a diary.

With a key and lock on it.

I was a little caught of guard but said something like yeah sure I'll look into it....and then forgot about it.

The next day, he approached me after school - so Mom, did you get me a diary?

Oh! You mean you were serious about that?!?

Yes Mom! I want a diary. With a key! And a lock on it!

The request brought back those innocent elementary school years of my own, when I had a diary of my own (with a key and lock!), likely Hello Kitty images slapped all over it... I have no idea what I wrote in it, but I loved having that "privacy" and independence. (And keeping something locked away from my brothers!)

So I opened up Amazon, thinking for sure every option was going to be butterflies and rainbows and we'll see how well this goes with my boy.... But lo and behold - I was totally wrong - there were boy themed diaries to be found!

And, with keys and locks!

I called Logan over to consult on which option he liked better....the one with "KEEP OUT" scrawled all over the cover, barbed wire and camo looking images? Or the one that was a silver safe with some digital looking keypad type of deal? Or one with a sleeping dragon, that turned into a fire breathing dragon (when you moved the holographic cover, we've now discovered)?

Dragon Mom. Get the dragon.

(Clearly, no question).

Oh wait, does it have a key and lock?

<we zoom into one of the images on Amazon....>


Oh cool. Get the dragon one, definitely.

The following day, the first question out of my boy's mouth, when I picked him up from school, was, did my diary arrive yet?!?

No dude. I just ordered it last night. It won't get here until Monday.... So, tell me, why are you so eager to have a diary anyway? What do you want to write in it?

I want to write about my life. So that I won't forget about it when I'm older.

Ahhhhh....well then, Monday it is!

But, because Amazon is so damn quick on these things, we got a surprise delivery today! And guess who was super duper happy about his new diary?!?

After we spent a few minutes examining how to use the (teeny weeny tiny) key to open the lock on his new diary, he marched out of the room and into another, announcing to the entire house "Nobody come in here! I'm going to be writing in my diary!"

And sure enough, he sat down at the coffee table, furiously scribbling away about "his life" (which I can't wait to read some day!). 😉

When it was time for us to head over to our friends' house, we told him he should put his diary away, someplace safe.

Where should I put it?

Jon suggested he hide it in his underwear drawer (thinking Logan was asking where to put the key).

Logan looked appalled. My underwear drawer?!? That is so gross!!

I pointed out he could put his diary on top of his dresser then, so he wouldn't lose it.

He nodded, saying he liked that idea.

So, he set his diary on top of his dresser....

And then, set the key on top of the diary. 😍

(He later decided to move the key to a box, after Jon and I pointed out you might not want to store your key *with* the item you have locked up). 😉

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