Monday, September 19, 2016

Final LP and Bone Marrow Day!

Callum had his final lumbar puncture and bone marrow aspiration today, which make a total of 18 LPs and 3 bone marrows in our little guy's life!!  EIGHTEEN!!  Can you believe it?!? 😱

Callum's back, covered in cream, as they prep him for his procedure

Both Jon and Logan took the day off to hang out with Mr. Callum.  It was nice to have the whole family together for such a big event.  I was actually more nervous than I've been in the past, so felt quite relieved when he was done and back in post-op, resting up.

Logan, mastering one of the video games in the waiting room
Still asleep, in recovery

His oncology team was so sweet, and surprised him with a cake and balloons after he woke up, complete with song and cheers too!  🎉🎉💞👊🏼

They presented him with a Certificate of Completion, too! :)

He's been doing more of these sad faces lately - I think he's a little bummed about ending his treatment!

Our oncologist took a peek at his bone marrow and spinal fluid slides, before they sent them off to a special lab in the Northwest.  He says everything looks normal (which is good!).... we'll hear the "official" results in a few days, once they get word back from the lab.

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