Saturday, September 24, 2016

Doing well

Callum has been doing a lot better today. He didn't have any fevers throughout the night or at all today and his heart rate has returned back to where we want it (around 100 or just under).

He's been coughing a lot more though, which has been tough on him because he's been getting tired of it (and I'm sure his throat and belly are sore from all of the coughing). :(

During rounds, the doctors have said as log as he doesn't have any more fevers, they plan to discharge us tomorrow. I've heard it before, but interestingly, now that we are "post treatment", they don't do blood checks on his ANC, so this feels more like a sure thing.... Not sure why, but it definitely feels different, like they are less concerned, or maybe that's not it exactly, but more that they are more confident he'll be ok. :)

Anyway, we have a follow up scheduled for Thursday (it's his monthly exam, lab check and pentamidine appt), which will now turn into an appt to listen to his cough and decide when we should reschedule his port surgery.

Hopefully we can get on the books soon - because the catch 22 to all of this now is - his line isn't really helping us anymore, as much as it's allowing a potential contamination site that we need to be concerned about (it's always been a risk to be aware of, of course, but the benefits of being able to infuse chemo and draw labs, etc, outweighed the risk of infection during treatment).

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