Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thai, it's what's for dinner

When the boys got home from school yesterday I told them they couldn't get too comfy, because we needed to head to Target to shop for birthday presents. I had counted up the birthday parties we have to go to these next couple of weeks - FIVE!!! Crazy right?!? (And that's with us out of town a couple weeks in February too!)

They grumbled at the idea of walking thru a store buying gifts (and none for themselves, such a sad sad life they lead), but were actually pretty good helping pick out gifts for their friends and getting through it. By the end, as the boys sat in the card aisle laughing and sharing birthday cards that they each found and liked, I didn't think I'd be able to drag them out of there! ;-)

It was pretty late and I knew they'd be in sour shape once we got home, if we didn't eat soon. So, I found a cute little Thai restaurant nearby for us to try out. We had a pretty nice dinner and enjoyed the evening together. I haven't posted many pics of the boys recently, so figured I'd share these that we took as we waited for our food. :)

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