Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Adults Only

Last Saturday we had a really nice dinner at Roy's in Pebble Beach with three other couples, sans babies. And, even tho I had plenty on my mind, Jon and I still got all dressed up and enjoyed the downtime together.

Proof that we DO still do things alone once in awhile....

(Thanks to my parents for babysitting all evening!)

In other news, Logan has been consistently waking up about 3am every night for the past few days, which has really been wreaking havoc on our lives (Jon has been a real trooper and handling most of the night calls since my work hours have been keeping me up both early and late).

We're pretty sure he's teething, since we see some more white underneath his swollen little gums, poor kid. Hopefully the teeth will break thru before Jon and Logan's flight tomorrow, otherwise Jon is definitely going to have his hands full! :(

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Kim said...

3 am? Yikes! Poor little guy!