Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Time of Thanks

We are now in the Tri-City area of Eastern Washington to visit the other half of Jon's family. We flew into Portland late Monday night - had a rough time on the flight and by the time we got into our hotel, all three of us were exhausted and a little fussy. I'm glad we decided to spend the night in Portland rather than jumping into a car for Jon's mom's house after the flight (a 3.5 hour drive).

Tuesday we spent all day walking around downtown Portland - it rained on and off all day and our big accomplishment was finding just the right gloves for Jon and me - it was freezing! But, we enjoyed the time outside exploring the city nonetheless. :) We arrived into Richland late Tuesday evening in time for dinner and then bed - whew!

We've been visiting with family and eating to our hearts' content (good bye diet!) and thoroughly enjoying the time away from home. Of course, Logan is the center of attention and is absolutely LOVING it. I'm not sure how he's going to handle the change once we get home and Mommy and Daddy can't dote on him 24x7 like his grandparents and aunts are doing. ;-)

I'm thankful for a wonderful first year with our beautiful baby boy. I'm thankful I have such a loving and supportive life partner, friend, lover and husband. I'm thankful for our gorgeous new house that we were able to purchase right before Logan arrived. I'm thankful that Jon and I are both blessed with amazing jobs that allow us the flexibility to travel, see friends and family, take care of Logan and live the happy lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to. I'm thankful for our friends who help us through the good times and bad, who share their tips on babycare so we might not run into the same mistakes when it's our turn and of course, who babysit our furry babies when we are away, even if they may be a bit hard to handle at times. ;-) I'm thankful for the huge network of family that we have at our fingertips - who all adore Logan to pieces and help watch him from time to time so that Jon and I are still able to have a date or two on our own, to help us keep sane amidst the daily chaos that we live.

Thanks to all who have made our past year so treasurable - we wish you as great, or greater, Thanksgiving!

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Cat Shipman said...

Sounds exhausting. I am thankful for staying home. :) Next time though, I swear I will watch your dogs!!!! I am grateful for Logan too, he makes me happy.