Thursday, November 20, 2008

Silent Night

I dropped Jon and Logan off at the airport this morning. I went in with them to help Jon carry all the crap. Or rather, I carried Logan and the diaper bag while Jon had the bulk of the big stuff on his back.

At the security line, I had to transfer Logan over to Jon. I helped strap the Ergo Carrier onto Jon and load Logan up. During the transfer, Logan kept looking at me - his expression said it all - Mom, why are you handing me over to Dad? Where are you going?

It's okay kiddo - you're going to have a great time flying to Texas with Daddy and then I will see you soon, tomorrow night.

Was I saying that to assure Logan everything would be all right? or to assure myself? :)

Once Jon was loaded up and ready to go, we kissed good-bye and he took off toward the security gate. Jon's back was to me, but as I watched them walk away, I suddenly saw Logan's little face with inquiring eyes poke out, over Jon's shoulder. He was leaning far to one side so he could keep his eyes on me (I wish I had taken a pic, it was so precious).

I waved good bye, walking closer to the railings so he could still see me - and, the poor little guy kept his eyes on me the entire time while Jon checked on through.

I sure am going to miss my guys tonight.

On the other hand, I'll finally get an uninterrupted night's sleep. WOO!!