Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Zedland Quotes of the Day

Since we were spending so much time in the car, I started writing down various funny "quotes of the day" which often happened during our road trips (but not always).

What is a road trip without hilarious "you had to be there" quotes anyway, huh? :)

Here's the collection:
  • "Good on ya mate" - Everyone (what every Kiwi seems to say when you leave or end a conversation)
  • "There's prune juice in here! I am not even kidding guys!" - Eric (when seeing that the Waitomo cabin had prune juice in the fridge, which actually happened to be ours, that Jill put in there when we got in)
  • "Stupid bitch" - Jon; "We will not road rage in New Zealand" - Eric, in response
  • "It's just too big" - Eric (his reasoning for why he didn't think NZ was/is an island)
  • "It's been awhile, but if I remember correctly, this tastes like balls" - Eric; "I just had balls like yesterday, and this does not taste like balls" - Jon (referring to a Kiwi drink they bought and tried out. Apparently "balls" is a type of sports drink that we have here in the States)
  • "Man, he's got a small penis!" - Eric (seeing Logan's penis for the first time)
Notice all quotes were from the MEN of our travel party?


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Jennifer said...

Now there is a shocker! ;)