Saturday, November 22, 2008

Relaxin' in Texas

I was scrambling at the last minute yesterday to get to my flight on time. Let's just say I should have been at the airport at 1pm, yet I was in the shower at 12:30pm.... I begged the airport guy to let me on the plane, telling him I didn't even care if my luggage made it, I just had to be on that plane! :)

I guess it worked since he smiled and let me through. *whew*

I also ran into a really nasty rude woman on the plane, but decided to keep my trap shut and ignore her. The guy next to me wasn't as thoughtful and blurted out a few choice words to her, which had her literally in tears, all before take off. Good times!

When I arrived late last night, Jon had wonderfully big news to tell. Logan had taken two steps toward Nolan ("Papa") all on his own!! We are so excited and I can't wait to see the walking action with my own two eyes. :)

We're doing nothing but eating tons of ridiculously decadent southern food and relaxing (I just got back from an out-of-this-world MUCH NEEDED massage).

Life is good when you're on vacation and stressful work is a thousand miles away.


Kim said...

*You* were running late for a flight? Nooo, I find that so hard to believe. ;-)

Massage, eh? That does sound like a damn good idea.

Jennifer said...

Enjoy the relaxing time! You need it!