Monday, December 1, 2008

Is it December already??

Well, we got home late last night and though we had a wonderful time visiting with all of Jon's family over the Thanksgiving holiday, it was comforting to finally be back home in our own beds! :)

Jon and I both quickly got back into the grind today - busier than ever as everyone tries to cram in more than they should before the end of the year. Logan had a pretty good first day back at school - although he was definitely more clingy and needy once we got home (as were our cats - yeesh!).

Besides his first couple of steps, Logan also learned to blow bubbles at Papa and Mimi's house, with his own spit no less. And, while at Abuelita and Abuelito Riedy's house, he learned how to crawl up on the hearth.

What's more, he found he could dangle his feet over the edge and then SLAM, belly flop smack onto the floor beneath him (about a foot drop). He did this several times and just laaaaaaughed and laughed and laughed each time.

Aunt Amanda caught the last attempt on video, so hopefully I'll be able to share that with you once she sends it to me. :)

He's doing A LOT more standing on his own now - although he's only taken another step on his own since the first two. And, he's doing several sit-stands without the help of any furniture around him to pull himself up. Very exciting stuff! :)

Another interesting development we noticed on this trip is his understanding of words - we discovered this when both Jon and I said "good-bye" while Logan's back was to us, and he immediately raised up his hand and started waving good-bye! It's definitely a clue that he's much more aware of what we are saying than we realized. Eeeps! :)

We're not sure if it was the distraction of new people and things all around him to see, or if it's a new phase we're entering, but we've also noticed that once Logan gets extremely tired, past exhaustion, he turns delirious. Yes, delirious. He becomes extremely hyper active, crawling and rolling around everywhere, laughing hysterically, biting at every spare limb you might have, launching himself off the bed or crawling as fast as he possibly can for the door (or opposite direction of you). We try not to laugh, since we're usually trying to quiet things down and get him to sleep, but it's pretty damn funny to watch a baby who appears to be on crack slam his head into the pillows and then race for the other side of the bed, all the while giggling till he can't breathe.

Thanks to all the grandparents and aunts we visited the past couple of weeks. We had a great time enjoying yummy foods, fun board games, football marathons and loving company away from home!! :)

Here's Logan with his buddy Daphne who faithfully stayed by his side the entire time we were in Texas; even checking in on me anytime I took him upstairs for a diaper change, watching me with eyes that said "You better not be doing anything to that precious baby of mine Lady!"


Jennifer said...

Welcome back! Logan is growing up so fast! I can't believe he is going to be 1 in a little over a week!! Wow!

cabriana said...

that's hysterical. He's so cute!

Kim said...

Oh my... I hope he doesn't try to do that up at the cabin... he's going to be in for a rude awakening when he hits hardwood instead of carpet...