Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Sick :(

Logan seems to be getting a tiny bit better each day, but overall still sick, the poor guy. He switches between the happy go lucky guy we know and love, playing and laughing and flashing his big grin, to an unhappy needy really miserable and sad looking kid really quickly. It's been tough.

Yesterday, Jon stayed home with Logan since I needed to get back to the office to get some work done. But, unfortunately, it was also the day that PG&E had scheduled some work to be done on the pole that services power to our entire block.

Lights out at 9am. And, didn't come back on until 6pm.

So, Jon did the best he could in the morning playing with Logan (and working on his laptop since he had a few hours of battery juice he could use), but after awhile, the boys started getting pretttttty cold! It was about 44 F outside yesterday, so it was probably only 55-60 F inside the house. Still, it feels pretty damn cold when the heater isn't on. I know, I know, us Californians are real wimps. :)

Luckily, the (indoor) mall is close by! So, Jon bundled the two of them up and headed off to the mall where they joined several other stay at home moms, window shopping while doing laps with their strollers. Jon bought a few key items like slippers for himself and a few beanies for Logan (we noticed we didn't have anything to keep his head warm the other night when we went out for a walk). They'll both come in real handy for our trip up to Tahoe soon.

When Logan was ready for his afternoon nap, Jon brought him back home and bundled him up REAL tight in his crib to keep him warm. And then once Logan woke up again, it was back out for another trip, this time to Barnes and Noble, another favorite spot of Jon's. ;-) It actually sounded like the boys had a really nice day skipping work for the afternoon!

I, myself, had an interesting afternoon, where I spent a couple hours visiting with another acupuncturist. This time I went to see a specialist in scalp acupuncture that my parents had recommended to me, and I felt like it was a much better visit this time around. The treatments are all done with needles in your scalp - which sounds scary but it's actually not. And, what's more, it allows you the flexibility and movement to walk around! So, instead of a nice relaxing nap like most people have when they visit their acupuncturist, I had to do several exercises while the doctor worked on the needles. I actually liked this approach much better, since I felt like I was DOING something and contributing to the healing process. It's like the Chinese version of Physical Therapy! ;-)

On the flip side, if you're not used to seeing needles, it is a tad strange to see them sticking out all over your head and anyone else's head that is there getting treated too. :) Even more, they actually want you to keep the needles in for as long as you can and send you home with them still stuck in your scalp! (I took them out just before our trip up to the city last night since I didn't think people would understand if I had a bunch of needles poking out while watching Phantom) hehe

They also put an herbal patch (to calm down the inflammation) on my back, and sent me home with some herbal tea to drink 2-3x a day for my cold (thank you Logan!). I'm not as crazy about the herbal stuff (it tastes awful) but I'm willing to try anything for a couple times before rejecting it completely. I also liked this doctor a lot more than the last, so I'd be open to seeing her again. She wants me to come at least 2x a week (!!!) which is a little bit hard to swallow since none of these visits are covered by insurance and let me tell you folks. ACUPUNCTURE. AIN'T. CHEAP.


So, we'll see. I think I'll go back to see her at least a couple more times. I felt like my back improved slightly from the visit (my range of motion afterward was much better) so I think it's worth giving it a chance. And, if not, at least I tried and we can move onto something else.....

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