Thursday, December 11, 2008

12 month checkup

Yesterday we had Logan's 12 month check up - and everything is progressing quite nicely, and as expected. Logan has grown significantly since our last check up - he's 3 inches taller!! (30.5" tall, now in the 75%). His head circumference is now 47cm round (75%, 2cm larger than last time) and he weighs a little more than 2 lbs, at 22 lbs, 2 oz (60%)! What a big boy!!

In addition to the regular exam and watching Logan take a few steps toward Mommy, Dr. Safir also gave Logan 3 shots which he was NOT happy about. :( And then on top of that, he had his finger pricked for a blood test (to check his iron levels - all normal and checked out fine). After the finger prick, the nurse put a cotton ball on his teeny finger tip and then wrapped a band aid tight around it.

Boy - did that set Logan off. More than the shots or prick I think!! Because, he's gotten into this "phase" where he just DOES NOT LIKE stuff sticking to his fingers (i.e. when he's eating anything messy or sticky). He will sit for DAYS shaking his hand trying to get the stuff off his fingers. So, imagine his distress when he kept shaking his hand but this damn cotton poof would NOT come off! It was actually quite hilarious. :)

I did a really long post yesterday to commemorate Logan turning one - so I'll do my best to keep this post more brief. ;-) Much of my attention lately has been around his progress on walking - noting the few steps he continually tests out on his own. His teacher (Miss Kim) works with him everyday, trying to get him to practice walking, but she says he'll only take a couple of steps before he gets scared and leans forward to catch himself on the floor. He seems to be taking more and more steps on his own every day though.

In addition to the walking, he's really keen on pointing at things and talking a lot more. I can tell he's trying to associate sounds with objects - at least that's what it seems to me. And, it's a constant puzzle for me to try and figure out what he may be saying. So, our early morning conversations usually go something like this....

"doi doi doi doi doi ma da doi ma pffffffttttttttt"

"Doggy? Are you looking at the Doggy? Mommy? Yes, I'm mommy. Daddy? No, Daddy's not here right now. I'm mommy!" etc. ;-)

In addition to talking more, he's just recently taken to mimicking people. Just last night he would copy the same goofy faces that my brother Zane was making at him - it was quite entertaining, watching his little face contort into the expressions he thought my brother was making. And then this morning, as I was dressing him and getting him ready for school, he did something where I commented "WOW!" and a couple seconds went by before he slowly pursed his lips and exclaimed "WOW" back! It was so touching and wonderful to hear. We did it several more times, back and forth, me saying WOW and Logan copying me. :) I don't think he quite knew what he was saying, so not sure if it counts as one of his first words, but he was definitely imitating me as best he could, which was just as satisfying.

Logan has developed a really nasty habit of biting. It's not just the friendly little nip - but a full on hard leaves-a-bruise-and-teeth-marks type of bite. It sucks. Especially when he catches you off guard. We know he's aware of what "NO" means, since he'll stop when we say NO and/or just test our boundaries when he hears the word. However when I tell him NO after biting me, he just laughs hysterically and grins really big. In addition to NO, we will sometimes also give him a little thump on his hand or cheek immediately afterward, which he doesn't like but also doesn't quite think of as a punishment I guess.

Usually he bites when he's overly excited or wants my attention (Mommy, I'm tired, it's time for bed. BITE. or, Mommy, I'm hungry, I want my bottle now. BITE.) So, while I can appreciate his trying to communicate with me, I don't appreciate the mini bruises popping up everywhere. And, what's worse, our teacher reported that he bit not one, but TWO kids, at school the other day! :( Everyone was fine - but they wanted to let us know.


So, it's our latest struggle that we are working hard to correct.

We've also noticed other forms of communication developing - most specifically - THE TANTRUM. We've only seen THE TANTRUM come out a couple times so far, but it's a full on arch of the back, throwing his head smack against the floor, kicking and screaming, because he didn't get his way. It's only lasted a few seconds each time, but still, it's no fun. And, because he's not really in control and doesn't quite realize that he's throwing THE TANTRUM, he gets even MORE upset after smacking his head super hard on the floor.

Thank goodness for his hard noggin'.

And finally, a more precious moment to report on with our spunky little kid - I've noticed it a couple times now, just within the last week, where he's gotten SO tired that he gets really quiet, stops playing and literally LAYS HIS HEAD DOWN ON THE FLOOR with a blank look on his face.

You know your kid is exhausted when suddenly the hardwood floors seem like they might make a nice little bed.

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It's great to see what we can expect 8 months from now :)