Sunday, December 7, 2008

Like, oh my God, what a totally rad weekend!

It all started with the YouTube Totally 80s Prom (Holiday Party) Friday night. I didn't find out about the theme until Monday afternoon, and since I knew I was going to be traveling a few days of the week, I had to act FAST. So, our outfits were thrown together at the last minute. Sonny Crockett was my inspiration for Jon's outfit and I really don't know what look I was going for with mine (I guess I was thinking Madonna-wanna-be when buying all the accessories that of course you can't see). Next time, YouTube, I'll allow more time. ;-)

We had a really nice time out. There were so many wild and crazy 80s costumes. Just my kind of party!! :) Unfortunately, we didn't know TOO many people there, since Jon's group is so small and made up of more of the "old timers" who are apparently, too cool to go to the company parties anymore. ;-) We did, however, hang out with our buddies Kim and Nathan which is always fun. They went all out 80s punk and their costumes were seriously bitchin'.

Yesterday I spent the entire day cooking like a mad woman for a dinner party of 9 (plus 4 babies) that I decided to host. It's the first big dinner party we've hosted ever, and I'm happy with how it turned out! I tried a few new recipes - some were a hit, others were gag-me-with-a-spoon not so great (if you ask Jon anyway). ;-) But all in all, the night was still a success and everyone had a great time. We ended with some intense poker, where Jenn took home the grand prize.

Today was mostly dedicated to clean up from the party (it's amazing how many pots and pans and dishes pile up with that many people over!) and setting up a few holiday lights in our yard so that we can add to the neighborhood festivities (something I've always wanted to do).This picture was taken from our porch late tonight, so not all of the neighbors' lights are still on, and yet you can see almost every house is lit! We also meandered down to a neighbor's house for a holiday party this evening - themselves, the new kids on the block as of a couple months ago.

We're beat from the busy weekend, but isn't that what the holiday season is all about anyway? ;-)


Kim said...

I was punk rawk chick and N was 80's rock god... *very* different... yeesh!

We need to get our lights up... half our street was tricked out when we got back from Tahoe... and every night a few more houses seem to pop up...

Jennifer said...

Thank you again for hosting! We really appreciated it! Everything tasted GREAT!!