Friday, December 5, 2008


Logan's top left tooth (lateral incisor) has been threatening to show for a couple weeks now it seems - causing some really rough late nights for Jon and I. Thankfully, it has finally poked through over the last day or so (while I was away on business travel).

I'm hoping that means the pain will ease up a bit for our little guy so he won't be as grouchy and touchy as he has been lately. :)

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Kim said...

Molly has the two center incisors (top and bottom) and then the top right one, but it looks like she's skipping over the top left one for now as her canine is starting to come through. You can see the ridge of the bottom almost cutting through the skin as it works its way down to her gum line.

These poor kids. I don't know how they deal.

It took me about 30 minutes to get Logan down last night. I thought something was wrong with his right ear as he kept sticking his finger in it while crying, but Jon says he's been doing that for a while. Must be teething related. Poor guy. Hopefully you'll get a nice stretch of uninterrupted sleep from him now.