Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Gift

Christmas Eve Gift.

There. I said it. Before any of you. HA.

(and yes, in this day and age, saying it on a blog counts. Why? Because I said so.)

For those of you who don't know about this game, let me explain.

Every Christmas Eve, the first person who says "Christmas Eve Gift", is allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve, before the big day. HOW AWESOME IS THAT when you are 10 years old and can rub it in your brothers' faces?

It became a HUGE game that my brothers and I loved to play - often staying up late, trying to be the first to surprise the other with the phrase, as the clock struck 12:01 Dec 24th. Our grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins were all in on the game as well (it being an old Connally family tradition), so anytime the phone would ring on Christmas Eve, we quickly learned you either shouldn't answer the phone at all - or - you had to answer it QUICKLY saying (and usually screaming with excitement) before the other person on the phone:


(I admit, it's a little weird anytime anyone NOT in the family was calling us)

I think a lot of the excitement has worn off as we've gotten older and moved out of the house. And, since we really don't do Christmas gifts anymore, what's the point? ;-)

But, I figure, now that I'm a parent, this will be one tradition I can renew with my own son. This year is a little too early, I know. But next year..... hoooo boy.



Kimmy said...

...YAY! I thought I was the only one who practiced this tradition!

Kitty X said...

I loved y'all's Christmas card! Thank you so much for sending me one. It's great to hear from my brothers and sisters out there!