Monday, December 29, 2008


You'll have to excuse my sorry-ass of a title for this post. My brain is like mush right now - not exactly tapping the creative juices at the moment. A quick 24-hour update.....

Yesterday afternoon when Logan woke up from his nap, I noticed he had an unusually snotty and runny nose. He had really bounced back after the antibiotics over Christmas, so I guess the runny nose caught me by surprise. He didn't have much of an appetite, and was more clingy than usual while playing with his toys. At one point, I finally noticed he was BURNING UP. We took his temp and it was around 101-102. And, continued to hover in that range the rest of the night.

So, we gave him some Motrin, gave him a lot of juice to keep him hydrated, and tried to cool him off with a damp cloth (which he let me know he DID NOT like Mom). He was miserable and exhausted, and fell asleep with his face buried in my chest like "old times". He was pretty antsy even though he was tired and kept waking up every couple of hours - which actually was just fine since we jumped on the opportunity to take his temp, monitor the fever and give him some more Motrin if it was time.

About 4am he seemed to finally have a bit of an appetite (up until then he was refusing any solids or the bottle), so I warmed up some milk for him...which he gulped down in record time, and then immediately after spewed all over us and the bed.

You'd think I'd learned by now, but no. I don't think I have. Especially not when it's 4am. ;-)

Though we were spent, he actually seemed to be feeling better once he puked his guts out, and went back to sleep for another few hours before waking up around 8am for the day. Since he had had a pretty nasty fever all night long, we couldn't take him into school today, so Jon stayed with him in the morning (while I went to my PT appt) and then I took him, with me to my Dad's house, for the afternoon.

Why did I make the trip to my Dad's? Oh - didn't I tell you? We don't have any Internet access at our house right now. That's right. No Internets to fondle and love and keep me going. I tell you, it's debilitating. We canceled our current service before starting up a newer/better service that will be installed any day now so help me God.

Thankfully, my Dad loves to babysit, and helped me take care of Logan while I juggled a few emails and client phone calls and a clingy sick little baby. We headed home to meet up with Jon so he could watch Logan for a couple hours while I headed to my acupuncture appt (yes, just what I need, a bunch of needles stuck in my head while I'm this tense).

When I got back, Logan seemed to be pretty happy playing with all of his toys and teasing the dogs. He's still not 100%, but his appetite has come back with a punch and his fever hasn't returned (he still feels a bit hot to me but whenever we take his temp he's well within normal ranges), so I figure that's all a good sign and we'll have our happy go lucky kid back again in no time.

If the constant snotty noses and fevers in our house wasn't enough - we just found out tonight that Lola has lymphoma. We had taken her in for a routine checkup last Friday when the vet noticed her lymph nodes were quite swollen. They did a number of tests to check for bacteria, cancer, etc. which came back from the lab today (and confirmed the bad news). We're going to the vet tomorrow morning to find out how advanced the cancer is, and if it's even early enough to still treat (chemo) or not.

And, talk about our options. :(


And now you know why my brain is mush and for the life of me, I can't think of a more descriptive title to this post than..... UGH.

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Luke Shipman said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Lola that is awful. Our thoughts are with you!