Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday Dinner

A few days late but wanted to do another post about Logan's birthday so I could share a few more pics of his big day (click on any of these to see the full album). :)

We had a really casual low keyed birthday celebration for Logan. We went to his daddy's favorite pizza joint (Giovanni's) where he munched on pasta, pizza and cheesy garlic bread. YUM!

My parents and brothers joined us since they are all in the area. He was in a great mood (surprisingly, given he had a number of shots earlier in the day) and laughed and giggled and smiled for anyone who would look his way.

Afterward we headed to our house for some good ol' chocolate birthday cake and a few presents from his faraway grandparents in Washington state (a fun Rock 'n Ride Pony!) and Texas (a crazy bead maze cube).

He loved all the new toys of course, but faded pretty quickly after the sugary rush of cake - so I put him down for the night and hung out with my mom to catch up on life while "the boys" talked pool strategy (my dad just got a new pool table) and poker (where they started a late game) all night.

It was a perfect evening to Logan's big day. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and wonderful gifts! He is loving every single one of them. :)

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