Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mommy Zombie Misses Again

So, remember when I mentioned the first couple of steps Logan took on his own just happened to be the one day I wasn't with him, when Jon and Logan flew out to Texas early?

I forgot to mention that on Christmas Eve, while having dinner at my parent's house, Logan took a record SEVEN steps all on his own.

Where was I? RIGHT THERE. But totally NOT paying attention (I had just put him down, so he was walking from me to Daddy nearby and yet I was totally clueless, probably taking the few minutes of rare baby-freedom to shovel dinner into my mouth instead). I caught the last couple of steps from the corner of my eye, but that was it.

I was a little bummed and starting to think Jon was lying about all these steps Logan is supposedly taking. ;-)

So today, we visited with the Mavros' (at a local Round Table Pizza) who were driving through town on their way back home from the holidays (we had a great time and Logan LOVED climbing all over the jungle gym kid's area at the restaurant). Afterward, we headed over to the AT&T store to pick up a few items before heading home ourselves.

I was at the counter paying for all our goodies and Jon was on the other side of the store with Logan, practicing his walking. And, yep, you guessed it.


Another record number of steps that Mommy Zombie missed. AGAIN.


Oh well. I suppose I'll see him walking on his own in no time. But it has been quite funny that I keep missing all the progress! ;-)

(for what it's worth, my theory is, he doesn't take as many steps around me because the minute he sees me, he then just wants to hang off me and/or be held instead of trying to walk!)


Diane R. Stewart said...

Good theory!!

Jennifer said...

Go Logan! Soon Logan will be running around you in no time!