Saturday, July 18, 2009

Potty Time!

I noticed Logan trying to poop this morning so I offered to sit with him on his potty. He was agreeable - so we stripped him down (it's a laborious process trying to get a kid who's pooping, to stand there and lift his legs while you first pull down his shorts, take those off, and then try to delicately undo his diaper without making a mess!) and he promptly sat on the potty while we read a couple of books that I recently got for him.

He finally seemed to have enough (hadn't gone pee nor poop) and stood up saying he was all done. Just as I was getting ready to put a diaper back on, he peed a tiny bit on the floor. Whoops! So, I put him back on the potty to sit a bit longer. We sat there for a good 15-20 minutes reading those books from cover to cover a hundred times. But, he loved it and didn't seem to mind (he especially likes the "flushing" button on one of them). Toward the end, he looked at me with a funny face and started grabbing for his penis, saying pee pee and potty. I thought he was finally understanding the stories from our books - but, he stood up and lo and behold, there was a bowl full of pee in that potty!! WOOHOO!

It was exciting for both of us - I clapped, told him what a great job he did, and he helped me flush it down the toilet (another part of the process he thoroughly enjoyed).

I figured I wouldn't push my luck with the pooping part and just called it a day with the potty adventures. So, we cleaned everything up, put clean fresh clothes and a diaper back on him, and went about playing in the house.

Only, about 15 minutes later, he started trying to poop again. I asked him if he wanted to go back on the potty, but he shook his head and said No. I said, are you sure? I can come with you if you want. So, he grabbed my hand and we went back into the bathroom to sit on the potty once again. He hopped on and off several times, not really sure about the whole ordeal. But finally, during one of the last "hops" back on the potty, he did a final grunt, looked up at me with an "uh-oh!" and immediately stood up.

He had pooped! He seemed a little shocked at first, but then super curious to see the results of his efforts. ;-) Even trying to touch it! *sigh* Once he realized it was a good thing to poop in the potty, he got very excited and smiled and clapped and yelled "Yaaaay!". And, once again, helped me flush it down the big toilet (and then proceeded to flush, and flush, and flush, and flush, until I had to redirect him to something else).

I still feel like we're miles away from potty training - but it also felt like a small amount of progress, so I'll take it!

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