Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gone Berry Picking, Come Back Later

Both Logan and I had yesterday off (Jon had to work - damn start ups, they don't give any days off!). Jon had brought up a great idea a couple of weeks ago - to take Logan berry picking since, 'tis the season! So, I found out about a nice "pick your own" berry farm not too far away that was perfect for us.

The season hasn't produced too many berries for this particular farm and this was the last weekend they were open, so most of the berries were picked over. But it was close (about 25 min drive) and in between home and the city (Jon joined us since it was still a little early in the morning and then took off afterward for work). And, since I didn't know if Logan would really like the excursion, nor did I think he'd really care if we didn't find too many berries, we took the plunge and went.

It was great! Once we showed Logan how to pull the berries off the vines, he kept asking for "more" to pick and drop in the baskets. But, even that was only entertaining for so long. Our always-on-the-move kid was interested for about 20 minutes before he moved onto the next big thing (in this case, finding the perfect stick which he could play in the dirt with).

Unexpectedly, Jon and I enjoyed the berry picking ourselves. :) The Southern in Jon came out, insisting we need to make jam with the berries - although now that I've looked up instructions on how to make jam, I'm not sure we ended up picking enough! So, we'll see - they may just end up in a blackberry cobbler, when Jon's not looking, instead. ;-)

Hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend with their loved ones! :)

(Click on any of the pics above for several more from our berry picking morning!)

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