Monday, July 20, 2009

One of THOSE Moms

Help me now, I think I'm becoming one of those Moms.

Tonight, I ground up some peas and mushrooms and slyly added them to Logan's applesauce when he wasn't looking, because I'm so sick and tired of my son (you know, the one who's mom is a veggie!) refusing to eat vegetables.

And, when the little turd STILL refused to eat them (because somehow he just knows when vegetables are near his mouth), I literally found myself using Kix as bargaining chips for every mouth of applesauce.

Amazingly, it sorta kinda worked. He wasn't happy about the arrangement - he clearly wanted Kix and only Kix. But, he immediately caught on that I was only going to give him one after he opened his mouth nice and wide for a spoonful of applesauce (which kills me, really, since he normally gobbles up applesauce!!).

It was an exhausting ordeal but I was determined and made him finish the entire bowl just because I could. The minute we were done and I cleaned him up and let him down from his chair, he ran begging for Daddy.

Because lately, Daddy is très cool and Mommy is the mean one who not only tries to pass peas and mushrooms for applesauce, but bargains Kix for each bite on top of it. THE NERVE.

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Jennifer said...

Ah, the wonderful world of negotiating. That seems to be our dinner routine now a days too...