Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm exhausted and not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. So, just a quick post before I go lay down and ice my back. ;-)
  • I worked from home on Friday mostly so I could get some grocery shopping done during a break, to prep for baking cupcakes that night.
  • Nathan stopped by Friday night to hang out with us and play Dominion (a new card game Jon got) once Logan went to bed.
  • We discovered our (practically brand new!) washing machine broke - so Jon spent Saturday running errands, including buying parts to fix the machine and composite decking (for a deck we're going to build just outside the doggy door), while Logan took one of the longest naps in history (~4 hrs, 20 min)!
  • Saturday night, Jon's sister Catherine came down from the city, last minute (since our sitter we had lined up couldn't make it after all), to babysit Logan while Jon and I met up with the Jodoins, Chouns and Hicksons for a quick dinner and long wait in line (but we were first!) for the new Harry Potter movie. It was good - but I haven't read the last of the books yet so I can't comment on how it compares to the book.
  • This morning we got up bright and early to head to the East Bay for our friend's Eleanor and Audrey's 3rd Birthday Party. Logan had a blast at My Gym; the hit was toward the end when he got a turn zip-lining across the room. :) Here's a quick video I took of it! (notice the excellent background music they were playing! hehe)

  • We took off about noon to try and get Logan to take another long nap, but weren't successful, as he only slept an hour (aiiieeee!!). Jon worked on the washing machine while I frosted the cupcakes in preparation for the next party we had scheduled.
  • About 4pm, we three and my parents headed to the Paluska's house on the "West" Bay (San Carlos), for a laid back BBQ and play date with their kids Lucas (age 5) and Margot (age 2.5). We had an excellent time and the cupcakes were a hit!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed as cool as possible in all of this heat! Yowza.

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