Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doggy Door Installed? Check! (finally)

I wasn't thinking clearly enough this morning to take the "before" pics. So instead, you get the "in progress" pic (with Iz making the final inspection):

And the "after":

Yay!! I don't think I need to remind you how great this will be for Odin, Lola, the cats, and us.

The coolest part of this project is, our contractor (who is a long time family friend of ours), did the work for free! He came over last night to talk with us about the project and toward the end of his visit we all had our iPhones out chatting about them. Mundo mentioned he's been frustrated because he can only receive, but never send, email from his phone.

Jon grabbed the phone from his hand with a "Let me see" muttered under his breath, disappeared into his office and 2 minutes later, voila! All fixed.

Mundo has had his phone for about a year and has never been able to get his email to work (even after asking several "computer savvy" friends to help him). He was soooo incredibly grateful he refused to accept payment from me today saying, "Bree, tell Jon THANK YOU. I am so happy he fixed my email and phone, you don't even know. What he did was amazing. We are even, don't worry."

I argued with him for 10 minutes telling him he was being silly, but he wouldn't budge.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. I love it.


Diane R. Stewart said...

I sure wish John lived near us so I could barter tech help with him!!!

Zabuton said...

you didn't take the picture high enough so I can see the window - it doesn't look like it's centered.