Sunday, July 26, 2009

On a Baking Roll!

I recently bought a Kitchen Aid 5-quart stand mixer since I've always wanted one to help with my baking and who are we kidding, they are also so goddamn sexy sitting on your counter top! ;-)

So, I made another batch of cupcakes on Friday (carrot cake with the leftover cream cheese frosting I still had), this time with the mixer rather than by hand and OMFG what a difference a mixer makes! I didn't know what to do with all the spare time I had, let alone how much BETTER it is for me and my back/shoulders! (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

I brought the cupcakes for dessert both Friday and Saturday night when we visited the Hicksons (the Jodoins also joined us last night), playing board games while we ran ~6 (!!) loads of laundry since our washing machine is still broken! Ugh. It's amazing how much more laundry you accumulate with a toddler. Thankfully we have extremely gracious, tolerant, understanding and giving friends. Thanks again Kim and Nathan!!

This afternoon I catch a flight to Seattle for a conference all week (this will be the longest I've been away from Logan!!). I get back Thursday night and then we three will hop on a flight to San Diego on Friday for (Eric and) Jill's baby shower. Which means the next week is going to be a little crazy and most likely sparse on the blog front.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Jennifer said...

The cupcakes were yummy and decorated quite nicely!

Kim said...

We will always accept cupcakes in exchange for using our laundry facilities. :-)