Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That New Car Smell

Picked up the new wheels last night. What a fun sporty little car,
and with a lot of punch! Just what I need. ;)


Elizabeth said...

I saw one of these yesterday and thought "Is THAT the car Bree is getting?! It's SO SMALL!"

I think my other friends with children have conditioned me to think that parents need GIANT cars. At the very least I thought maybe I was confused and you were getting a minivan or something so now I'm slapping my own wrist for stereotyping!

Mama Bree said...

hehe yep - very small for most families, but perfect for us! we have two other cars that are much bigger and didn't want to get a third ginormous one. and honestly, who really needs all that when it's just me and a small toddler?

ps. Neither Jon nor I will NEVER be driving a minivan..... so I'm definitely slapping your wrist for stereotyping us. :-P