Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Logan's Aunt Catherine came down to visit us this evening to take Logan out on his first Trick or Treating experience. I'm so glad she came! It was a lot of fun having her there with me and she took a video of several house visits too!! Priceless!! The video is a little long, but I couldn't bring myself to cut any parts out - they were all just too precious.

Logan seemed to enjoy Halloween - he was really interested in helping me carve pumpkins and decorate our porch earlier in the day, and watch the kids come by our door for their own candy once the sun set. After the first visit, we knew it was time to take off ourselves, since the minute he saw them getting candy - he wanted some too!

We walked up and down our street and hit a few houses on the adjacent street. Poor little Logan got a bit tired toward the end, so I think the amount of houses we hit was just perfect. And, most everyone knew him by name which really helped as well. He was a bit overwhelmed by it all - couldn't quite say "Trick or Treat" until the very end - and was also a bit afraid of some of the carved pumpkins (standing back up against the wall at a few houses). Otherwise, he was very happy with the loot he ended up with and though we only allowed him one candy for the night, I think it kept him up a little longer than usual. ;-)

Thanks again to Tia Catherine for being with us on this special night and taking some wonderful pictures and videos!! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!


Elizabeth said...

That video was SO STINKIN CUTE! Andrew FREAKED THE HELL OUT on his first trick or treating experience so Logan is pretty bad ass.

Cat Shipman said...

he was so awesome...."more". lol.