Friday, October 16, 2009

What does $450 worth of candy look like?

This was only a third of what we bought to get ready for my company's
Halloween Kid's Parade in two weeks. We had two shopping carts filled
to the brim. :)


Kimmy said...

This..was for an office thing, right? I mean, this was under a group budget purchase? Or do the mountain view monsters eat orders of magnitude more candy than the redmond kids do!?

Mama Bree said...

This was for Tellme only - I have no idea how many more truck loads of candy bags the SVC campus is buying for their own Halloween shindig. Bay Area kids must just eat more sweets than Redmond kids do. ;-)

Janin said...

I know where I will be trick-or-treating!

Lindsay said...

Hello Bree!!! What an adorable little guy you have!! They sure do grow up fast...cannot believe I will have a six year old in a few months! We are adjusting to the east coast, and are especially grateful for the amazing schools! I cannot help but comment on the amount of candy. I have done my share of company parties and school parties, but have NEVER purchased SO MUCH candy. I cannot imagine how many kids are expected at that party?!? :)