Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A testament to swim diapers

My little anal dude, takes after his mother. It doesn't matter if he destroys them right after, he's always sure to line stuff up perfectly first. :)

Tonight was - interesting. Since it's Tuesday, that means swim class. Unfortunately, Logan's taken a step back in terms of swim class, not enjoying very much of it, clinging to me the entire time as if he's going to D-I-E or as if I'm going to let him D-I-E. It's particularly frustrating when he swam like a fish during his last set of classes. :(

But tonight I knew something was off. More than usual. Most of the time Logan just lets his legs fall limp, not wanting to kick when I ask (even though he totally knows how to!). About 20 minutes into tonight's lesson however, instead of falling limp, his legs stiffened up as he pulled his feet into his chest. I was a total idiot, didn't pay attention to the signs, and instead tried to "kick" his legs for him (moving them up and down).

He started to whine, resisting my help. I looked down only to see Logan's infamous beet red face squished up into a painfully concentrated expression as he worked on a massive poop.

Right in the middle of class.

Right in the middle of the pool.


I quickly assessed which side would be easiest to clamor out of as my son clinged to my neck, scrunched up more than ever.

I turned to our teacher, handed her Logan as I climbed out of the pool, asking her to hand him to me once I was out. She was completely lost until I hissed "He's pooping!", as if to say Lady if you don't act fast and help me out, we may have a nice mess on our hands!

She got the point, helped us out, and I dashed us to the locker room as fast as I could.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my wipes in the swim bag (I found them later at the very bottom of course!) so I had to wet paper towels to clean up Logan's poor bottom. That actually wasn't as bad though, as trying to peel off a wet swimsuit that has a bigass piece of poop stuck in it, all the while trying not to get any poop on you, the kid, or anywhere else - it was a comical feat and let's just say I was too embarrassed to look up at all the other moms in the locker room who were probably staring at me in horror as my son stood on the changing table buck naked with bits of poop still stuck to his cheeks.

I had actually contemplated not going to swim class at all tonight since I had a major headache (after a long all-day training class), I still have to pack for my trip out tomorrow and take care of a million other chores before the morning. Had I gone with my gut, I wouldn't have been using makeshift wipes in a public restroom.

It's too bad I don't drink, because I'm pretty sure a big glass of Pinot would be perfect right about now.

I guess I'll have to make do with a few Ghiradelli dark chocolates instead. ;-)

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