Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tellme Halloween Parade

Yesterday my work hosted the annual Tellme Kids Halloween Parade. Remember when I helped buy a ton of candy? It was for this. :)

Jon unfortunately got stuck in traffic (something about a bridge being shut down, excuses!) so he missed the parade through the office but hung out with us afterward. Logan had a great time - it didn't take long for him to understand the concept of collecting candy in his little pumpkin basket. We came home with PLENTY and we haven't even gone trick or treating yet!!

Since I was playing caddy for our little Scotsman, I didn't have a camera handy to take pics during the parade (several Tellmes did take pics tho, so I hope there's one or two great shots of Logan). Jon snagged a quick shot on our way home, with Logan pulling his golf clubs behind him. :)

Happy Halloween to all!

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