Thursday, October 29, 2009

His Majesty

Every day this week Logan has asked to sit on his potty. We haven't
been pushing him at all on the potty training but I know enough to
encourage it every chance we get. :)

The only downside is he generally wants to sit on the potty right
before we have to leave in the morning, and he just sits and sits and
sits. It tries every ounce of patience in a body as you're scrambling
to get out at a decent hour.

Nights like tonight are no biggie tho. He tried out both the "big"
potty (our regular toilet) and the little potty here, drinking juice,
reading books and singing to himself.

He takes so long, there are cute little red rings on his butt once
he's (finally) all done. *sigh*


Jarrod said...

So cute!

Cat Shipman said...

HAHAHAHAHA. He is just taking his time and you get a gift in the end!