Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to back travel

"Where Daddy go?" is a common question around the house these days. Logan was very upset when we dropped Jon off at the airport yesterday morning. After only getting Saturday (really) to spend time with his Daddy, I can't blame him. Unfortunately he's taking a lot of his frustration out on me - with more than a few tantrums over the last day or so.

It's been fun. Not really.

Jon took this pic of Logan just before we woke up to take him to the airport. We don't get as much sleep when he's in our bed since he tends to move all over the place, but he seems to sleep wonderfully in between us. *sigh*

I think the combination of back to back work trips for Jon, mixed with him leaving on a weekend when that time is usually reserved as 100% playtime with Mommy and Daddy, has been harder than usual for Logan. Logan is now also older of course and much more aware than during previous work trips - so I can distract him with visits to his grandparents or Uncle Zane (for Zane's birthday - Happy Birthday Zane!), but the minute we walk through our own front door and Logan notices that Jon isn't there, he gets extremely upset (a few times going to the front door, banging on it and calling for his Daddy). :(

Now that the school week has started up again, I'm hoping Logan will shift back into the swing of things without missing Jon too much more. The tough part for me is the rest of the week - since I will be dropping Logan off at school Wednesday morning (as usual), then heading to the airport for a business trip myself. Jon lands that afternoon in time to pick Logan up, but I won't get to see Jon or Logan until later Friday afternoon. Wheeee!


Choun Family said...

pobrecita.. that sounds misserable. poor Logan too. (and I guess while I'm at it, I feel bad for Jon too)

Kim said...

Molly is missing her daddy too. Every morning she points to his picture and asks where her daddy is. Video conferencing helps. My screen is a mess after all the virtual high fives and kisses.