Thursday, October 8, 2009

A few old pics

I finally had some free time tonight to post up a few old pics! The first set is from Jon's family reunion we went to a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get as many profile pics of family members that I had wanted to - I've noticed that now that I have a kid, I focus most of my photos around him. And those pics that I don't get, are usually due to me setting the camera down so I can chase after my son before he gets into some serious trouble. :) Click on the pics below for more.

The second set is from our quick visit to the Children's Discovery Museum last weekend with Jon. I just added the pics to the same page of previous CDM pics, so you'll have to scroll toward the end to see the most recent. I didn't take as many because our visit was so short, but I did catch a few with Jon that I wanted to save. :)

We have another busy weekend ahead, and a couple of busy weeks (both Jon and I will be traveling, at different times/places) after that! But I'm hoping now that most of us are over the nasty cold we caught last week (Jon is still recovering from it since he caught it last), I'll have more energy and time to post updates in a timely manner.

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