Saturday, December 5, 2009


Last night my parents babysat Logan so that Jon and I could have a night on our own. It's been awhile since we've done that and it was really nice! We had a great dinner at one of our favorites, Thai Town, and then headed to see a movie (New Moon - neither of us cared much about).

When we dropped by this morning to pick Logan up, he was walking up and down the street with my dad, having a grand ol' time. He immediately dropped everything and came running toward our car when he saw us pull up - which always warms the heart. This time around, he had more trouble than usual getting used to the idea that he wasn't at home nor with his beloved Daddy (and Mommy). But my parents were still champs putting up with a few of his upset tantrums.

We've all been remarking at how quickly and how many words he's picking up day by day. He'll try one out for awhile and then move onto another word to use. He's really enjoying it. While changing him before taking off for lunch, he noticed his penis and pointed down at it exclaiming "ELEPHANT! ELEPHANT!" Once I put a new diaper on him he then said, "Bye Bye, Elephant!"

We all thought it was pretty hilarious. Especially since you can see how a little one might confuse the two. ;-)