Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Lights

Last night we got together with a number of our friends for a fun dinner and then a drive through Vasona Park's Fantasy of Lights show. We had originally planned on going to Gilroy Garden's Holiday Lights show, but due to the rainy weather we've been having, none of us were up to it.

At Vasona, however, you get to drive through the park and see the lights from the comfort (and dryness) of your own car, complete with Christmas music tuned into a specific radio station they had set up. It was a lot of fun and Logan really enjoyed the evening. I would say of all the "stations", the dinosaurs were his favorite.

He also really enjoyed Santa playing hoops, and Santa going fishing (no pic available of that one).

Afterward, we went to the Jodoins house to put the kids down for the night and spend some time catching up amongst the adults. It was our first try at using a new "travel" bed that I recently bought for Logan - an inflatable toddler bed complete with miniature "railings" on the side. He and Robert were immediately taken by the new bed and for a minute I thought they might want to spend the night together they were having so much fun! :) I'm happy to report, Logan slept wonderfully the entire night we were visiting (whew!). The bed will definitely come in handy for our future travels or visits with friends and family - especially since he's outgrown the little travel tent we've used (and abused) over the last year! :)

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Kimmy said...

Until I was six I called the santa claus lights. I have no shame, whch is why I'm admitting this. Those lights right there? AWESOME

Also awesome? your christmas card. That is brilliant, Bree! Loved it