Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let the holiday cheer begin!

Jon, the softie, finally succumbed to the festivities and suggested we put up a tree afterall (we usually don't, due to the animals).

I'm glad we did - Logan had great fun putting up the ornaments and/or telling me where they belonged! I skipped any crystal this year since his little grubby hands were just a littttle too eager to grab at the ornaments. Perhaps next year when he understands "breakables" a little better. ;-)

Jon also did not let me put up my ancient-from-the-80's 49ers ornament. Booooo.


Kim said...

Are those *gasp*... GLASS ornaments?!?!

Bold move. Bold move.

Mama Bree said...

heck no! that's why I said I left all the crystal off this year. :) not sure which you're thinking of that look like glass, but I can assure you that there is no glass on that thar tree! ;-)

Kim said...

The shiny red what I thought were balls, but upon closer inspection appear to be apples. I thought those were glass.