Sunday, December 6, 2009

The things we do for our kids...

Logan has really enjoyed all of the Christmas lights going up around our neighborhood. We've taken a few short drives around the block to see the progress so far and he loves it. Since we're not doing a Christmas tree in the house (it's just too difficult with the cats and dogs), I really wanted to dress up our house with lights. But, seeing as how we've never done it before, there was a lot of legwork to be done, to install all of the hooks first BEFORE we could even get lights up!

So, me and my preggo belly spent about 3.5 hrs this afternoon in 40 degree weather, up and down the ladder, installing hooks along the entire front line of our house. After that, I put up the lights and called it a night. I still have some "fixing" to do, because it's not quite perfect. But, it looks pretty damn good for our first rough draft (if I do say so myself) and more importantly, I am beat! ;-)

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