Sunday, December 13, 2009

A new mattress - Merry Christmas!

I'm still writing up Logan's birthday post with recent pics, but it's taking me far longer than I would have liked. It might have something to do with the last few days and our incontinent cancer-dog Lola.

We continue to treat Lola for lymphoma since she was only in full remission for 4-6 months before the cancer came back. She's also recently started to become incontinent - which Jon and I seriously suspect is due to her overall ailing condition but which our oncologist assures us is totally not related to the cancer.

So, between her already small bladder, meds that make her drink gallons of water a day, and the incontinence, she's ruining every piece of furniture we have in the house.

Last night, she peed on our bed (we forgot to shut our bedroom door before leaving for dinner and a Christmas light show with friends) and it soaked all the way through to the mattress. Since she's still on chemotherapy, her urine is actually radioactive, so we can't treat the mattress and keep it (especially with me being pregnant). She has already ruined our futon couch as well (which we've now delegated as her pee bed), so Jon and I had to sleep on the other two couches last night and spent the morning mattress shopping.

Let me just say, neither of us had a good night's rest and we were pretty cranky.

Not a great way to spend the weekend - particularly when we didn't NEED a new mattress and ended up spending a fortune on a new one (I can't believe how much they cost these days!!!). :( The salesman talked us into buying a waterproof mattress pad to help protect the mattress this time around, and I also bought a few of those cargo waterproof pet liners online, normally meant for the car but in our case, will be draped over the remaining pee-free couches and new bed that we have left.

We'll see, but I hope for Lola's sake, they all work - since I won't be able to keep Jon from abandoning her at the side of the road, next time around...

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Kimmy said...

Those waterproof mattress covers are sort of miraculous. Taz peed on the bed TWICE, once within a few days of the new mattress purchase because she didn't like being shut in. After that? liner went on.

You can dump a 2 liter on those things and it won't leak through. Best money spent ever