Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Insert foot in mouth here

I haven't posted much about this pregnancy because it's been speeding by so damn fast I can barely keep track! When pregnant with Logan, I read my daily journal about what was happening with the baby, with my body, etc. every single night. Sometimes I would torture Jon into listening to me read about that day's happenings. Sometimes I would just read and write daily notes on my own. It was my own little personal time to quietly lay in bed, read and reflect about the baby and dream about what he would become, what our family would be like, what he would look like, who he would be.

Now, I read my daily journal maybe every 3 days or so, if I'm lucky. Any personal quiet time I get, I pass out cold. I have napped more during the day or fallen asleep early at night, than I ever did before. I'm sure it has something to do with running after a little toddler while growing outwards in all dimensions, but still. I can hardly catch my breath most days to remember that I'm pregnant (I could, quite possibly, also still be in denial). I have to force myself to lie down for 5 minutes and read my journal, stop to feel the little kicks and somersaults and flips that he's doing (constantly) and wonder what he'll be like. Will he be anything like Logan? Will he be the exact opposite? Will he be more like me or more like Jon? It's fun to think about but I have to admit, I don't think about it near as much as I feel I should.

Each morning when I wake, and see a bigger belly in front of me, I wonder where the hell did THAT come from. Because I certainly didn't see THAT protruding out from my shirt the night before. I'm definitely growing much faster this time around, at least it seems, but what do I know. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Perhaps I just don't remember my first pregnancy as well as I think I do.

Logan's school is closed for the week so Jon and I have been taking it easier, splitting our time with work and parenting. I took the Logan shift all day yesterday (and hung out with Kim for the day, working a bit here and there and watching the kids play) while Jon played Mr. Mom today since I needed to be in the office for a few meetings.

I love most of my colleagues, I really do. And I'm pretty close to most of my team. I enjoy every one of their company. We are all buddies and I'm one of the guys (being the only gal). So it shouldn't surprise me the things that come out of their mouths, given a filter is never turned on. And yet, sometimes it still does.

This morning, while walking past one of my co-workers, he exclaims:

"WHOA. Bree! Your belly is SOOOO BIG!!"

Yes, yes it is.

"But, you're pretty far behind my wife, aren't you?" (his wife is also expecting)

Yes, yes I am.

"But, my wife didn't start showing a big belly until...." (trails off; trying to calculate when)

Yes, I'm sure. This is your wife's first pregnancy, right?


Right. Well, this isn't my first. Come talk to me again in a few years.

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