Monday, June 7, 2010

So what did you do this lovely Monday afternoon?

Assignment of the day: mix a little over a gallon of laundry detergent with a little dirt, kibble, dog and cat hair. Sprinkle in some kitty litter for good measure.

Let it splatter all over the doors and walls and really puddle up nicely. Make sure it gets underneath the washer, dryer and behind against the wall.

Text your husband with a picture or two. It's ok if you want to use some curse words in case the pics didn't already explain the gravity of the situation clearly enough.

Call your dad and ask him to come over to help watch the baby. Make sure to say "there's been an accident" while the baby shrieks in the backgound. He'll arrive faster than he's ever arrived before. Time it. Trust me.

Ready, set, go!

Grab as many spare towels as you can find to spoon up the tacky mess.

Fill several buckets of clean water and try "rinsing" the floor. Repeat.

Again and again.

Oh you thought you were done? I don't think so. Repeat again.

Now move the washer and dryer. Try not to cry when you see all the gunk still left to clean.

Grading is based on thoroughness, cleanliness and timeliness.

Extra credit awarded to those who do not complain about their back killing them.

Sadly, I did not get the extra credit.


Kim said...

Oh man, that sucks!

I felt the same way up at the cabin. You would have thought we kept VATS of honey and syrup up there will all the nooks and crannies it got into thanks to the bear visit. That stuff does NOT come off easily.

Your poor back. I think someone needs... no, REQUIRES a return visit to the spa... for a FULL massage. :-)

Jarrod said...

You poor thing! At least the laundry room is sparkling clean. :)

Hopefully you were able to rest you back after cleaning up the huge mess.

Grandma Riedy said...

How awful! Hope your back is feeling better.