Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dinosaur Hoody Towel

What's that noise?

That's a little boy.

What's he doing?

I'm not sure honey. But I think he might be growling.

Yes, don't mind us. Those loud obnoxious ROARS you hear coming from the dressing room would be my son. He thinks it's great fun. In fact, he gets louder the more I beg him to stop.

I don't know how I happen to attract such crafty friends, particularly when I am sooooo NOT crafty. But nonetheless, check out this dinosaur hooded towel that Amanda made for Logan!! It's A-W-E-S-O-M-E. And so timely for the summer, swim class, and the (Maui) beaches. Oh right, and bath time too.

She also made one for Callum. His has a very cool monster pattern on one side. So, to make sure Logan didn't feel left out, she cranked out this one for him. How thoughtful! Isn't it (and he) adorable?!?

Thanks Amanda! We love them!! :)

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