Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Halfway Done

I was just looking at the calendar and realized I'm now halfway through my maternity leave. MAN! Time is flying by. It's a bit depressing to think I'll be back at work so soon. And, the crazy part about it is, I get A LOT more time off than most women out there!

This past weekend we had another fun filled few days with friends. We spent Saturday hanging out with the Jodoins. Logan was in love with the fact that he got an entire day of "My Robert" all by himself. IN LOVE I tell ya! The boys played for an hour or two at the park to burn off some energy in the morning (I stayed home with Callum), then came to our house running around enjoying the many random toys we have spread out all over the place, "shooting" bubbles at each other in the front yard, and finally calming down enough to watch a little "Footoomama" (Futurama; don't judge.) before taking a nap.

The Chouns met up with us for a delicious dinner before we decided to try and get all 6 kids down for the night at the Jodoins' house so that we could have a little more adult hang-out time. I'm happy to say it was a success! We got all 6 kids down and kicked off an intense and very competitive game of Alhambra. The men were fiercely fighting for first place, while the women snuck in unannounced and stole the show (I won but Jenn was only a few points behind!). Winning against the guys makes the night that much more fun. Mwahahahahahahaha!

Sunday, we had grand plans to trek up to the city for Jon's company picnic, but ended up staying home instead when both Callum and Logan were being punks that morning. Our impatience with them could have also been because of the lack of sleep we got the night before, since we had stayed out late and Callum was up for awhile in the middle of the night, but oh well. It was also ridiculously hot out, so we pretty much holed up in our house with the A/C and a few movies.

That afternoon, we took off to Max's 2nd birthday party at The Jungle. It was our first time there and I can't say I'm a huge fan (reminds me of Chuck E. Cheese). Logan was a little intimidated by all the big kids pushing and shoving, but he slowly warmed up to the place. I would say he had an okay time - he dragged me around everywhere, not brave enough to venture anywhere on his own. And, since he didn't really know any of the kids at the party (we don't get to hang out with Max and his family as much as we should), I'm not sure he fully grasped that we were there to celebrate a birthday. BUT, the two of us did get a couple of hours of bonding time while Jon and Callum visited with Yevgeniy and Marina (Max's parents). The highlight of the outing, I think, was cashing in his bazillion tickets for two teeny weeny measly little army dudes. However, he loves them, so all is well in Logan's world.

Pics in this post are courtesy of Jenn, because I'm too damn tired to shoot photos these days. And, holding Callum 24x7 doesn't make it easy either! ;-)


Elizabeth said...

My SIL had to go back to work after SIX WEEKS! I've never birthed a baby out of my pants before but that just seemed criminal! But I guess that's what you get when you get pregnant right starting a new job -- she didn't have time to accrue any vacation!

Mama Bree said...

yeah, your SIL are exactly the type of folks I was thinking of! soooo friggin' ridiculous. I'm forever grateful for my time off!! (and I'm not using up any vacation btw!) There are a few pluses to working for the giant evil empire I guess. :)