Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer swim begins!

Yesterday was Logan's first day back to swim class. I had stopped early in the pregnancy as it was getting harder carrying Logan around with a growing belly. But, the time off really hurt us I'm afraid. Logan was very hesitant in class, clinging to my body and begging me not to put his face in the water or make him float on his back. :(

Anyway, we're going twice a week so I figure the frequency will help get him back on track. And with our upcoming summer vacation to Maui (woo!), I'd like it if he felt more confident in the water than he is right now. I'm also taking advantage of my maternity leave by going to the early morning class. And OMG the difference! It was actually quiet and calm when we arrived, versus the screaming packed chaos of parents and kids after work hours. Our class is actually quite pleasant. :)

This morning while Jon was getting Logan ready for school, I heard him ask if he could go swimming (he asked again when I picked him up from school this afternoon), which was great to hear. There may be hope for us after all. ;-)

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