Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Callum has this habit where he wraps his arm/hand into my shirt and pulls it over his face while nursing or sleeping (don't worry, he's just sleeping here!). It's pretty funny.

Is this a sign of a "player-to-be"? ;-)

Editor's Note: I forgot to mention Callum's conked out here after a traumatic morning, where he decided to shit so hard he blew out his diaper, onesie and the side of his car seat....aaaaand then fell asleep.

I'll spare you any details or pics ;-) but let's just say I cut my PT appointment short, raced home, took apart the car seat, climbed into the tub with the little guy and proceeded to wake him up (and piss him off) while hosing everything down.

Yay! for blowouts. Not a part of parenting I enjoy.

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