Monday, December 5, 2011

On Bed Rest

I don't know how well you can see this pic, but this is the first page of choices on my DVR recordings. Pretty sad, isn't it?!

After my back flare up a few weeks ago, I've been doing some follow up visits with my doctor. We met last Friday to review my latest MRI results and sadly, the news was not good.

My back/discs have progressively worsened. I have a tear that's increased in size (not good), more bulging of the (same) discs and some pretty bad nerve compression. :(  While I had prepared myself for the news, it was still unsettling to hear. I've been doing my PT and exercises when I can but probably not as much as I should, and instead of feeling great, I usually feel pretty agitated after a PT appt which means my nerves aren't happy right now.

So, we scheduled me for a set of injections this morning. I canceled a trip to Redmond (I was supposed to take tomorrow) and cleared my calendar, juggling the scheduling with Jon and my dad (since he picked me up and is taking care of the kids after school tonight).

I had four injections done which I hear is uncommon (the nurses told me people usually come in for one or two max), so I'm pretty sore right now.  But, all in all, the procedure went well.

I almost blacked out on my very last injection tho! It was my S1, right side, which is the worst, most compressed nerve. My doc hit it with the meds and I about jumped out of my bed it was such a jolt - searing terrible pain through my entire leg accompanied with extreme pins and needles, like I was getting stabbed all over.  It wasn't like the others nor what I was expecting! :)  So, my heart rate plummeted to about 50, my blood pressure dropped, got cold sweats and lost all color in my face! Pretty funny (though the nurses didn't think so). ;-)  My doc was great and talked me through the remaining time left so we were able to finish up before they rolled me outta there.

Afterward I told the nurse, well, I do have a history of fainting so I'm not surprised I reacted that way. She said, what?!  You didn't mention that! And, I said, well you didn't ask. ;-)

(I hadn't eaten nor drank since yesterday afternoon so I'm sure that didn't help)

Anyway, it's actually good because we know my doc got the right spot. But it was a pretty crazy experience.  Hopefully, I'll start feeling better soon. :)


Jarrod said...

Yikes! If you guys need anything at all, please let us know! We are around and can help!

Kim said...

As always, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Kimmy said...

Sorry you had to deal with the vagal response. Those are always more of a "holy crap..whoa.." moment than you expect