Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 years old

The weekend before Logan's 4th birthday, Jon and I were driving up to the city to attend my company's holiday party and he asks me, so what are we doing for Logan's birthday?

It's a question I get every year and, every year, I have the same answer.

Not much - maybe a cake after dinner and a few presents with the immediate family.  That's the type of birthdays I grew up with, and that's the type of birthdays I'm fine with my boys having.  And frankly, I really don't have the time nor energy to plan out a big event!  :)


However, Jon really wanted to do something different for Logan this year, and Logan is finally at that age where he sees and remembers the birthday parties of his friends and wants to do something himself.

So, a week before his birthday, as we were driving up to the city, I sent a quick email out to a few of our closest friends and nearby family, inviting them to our house for Logan's birthday.  That next week (while I was laid out on ice post-epidurals, working from my couch!), I planned out his party.

We didn't do much, but enough to make our son happy.  We had friends over to play....

We ate pizza and cake....

And opened presents...

Lots of presents!

 And smacked a (dragon) piƱata!

It was only fitting that Logan made the final hit! :)

And once everyone had gone home for the day, Uncle Zane and Aunt Norma paid a visit with a few more presents!

Reading the assembly instructions :)

I'm happy to report, Logan absolutely loved the entire day!  :)

As for Logan, he is extremely proud of the fact that he is now FOUR.  Interestingly, he'll also try to pull a fast one on you and claim he's 5 (oh, to hell with 4, I'm now 5!)  ;-)  But seriously, our biggest "issue" with Logan these days is getting him to understand and follow rules, as he often misbehaves or doesn't listen.  However, as much as he doesn't SEEM to be paying attention, I know our lessons are hitting home, as he often reminds me that I'll get a red mark - which is a "bad" mark for him at school - if I don't do XYZ (usually something he wants me to do like pour him a cup of juice).  :)

However, in the grand scheme of things, he's a great, well adjusted kid - and our days are much calmer when we are with him, as he has grown into his big four year old status quite well (which, you can imagine, is a huge blessing, since it generally takes both Jon and I together, to tackle and keep track of crazy Callum).

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