Thursday, December 8, 2011

Up, please!

The one tough thing about being on bed rest and not being able to lift anything over 5 lbs is having small children who don't understand why you can't pick them up, especially when they ask. :/

I've been doing a fair amount of resting in bed and while my back is still sore (today, more than usual, since I went into the office for a few hours), overall I'd say I'm feeling better.

Every morning the usual routine is for us four to hang out in bed together for a little bit before we have to get up and get ready (or I should say three of us since Jon usually is up prior to me and the boys). For whatever reason, Callum has grown into this weird favorite habit, where he climbs and sits on top of me, usually on my chest but he's been known to scoot up so his butt lands squarely on my face! ;-)

Since I've been in bed a lot this week, he's been doing it more than usual and loves it. I had Jon snap a pic because it won't be too long before Callum will be too cool for school to get this close to me, I'm sure. :-P

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