Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dentist Check up

Today was Logan's regular teeth cleaning so I brought Callum with me
too, to watch the whole process and prepare him for (a good)
experience to come too.

After Logan was done, Callum excitedly hopped up onto the chair. He
was so thrilled to have "his turn" and was very well behaved the
entire time. He kept insisting it was his turn to brush his teeth and
receive the fluoride treatment (like Logan had had) - everyone at the
office was impressed, saying they don't normally have someone begging
to brush their teeth like that! LOL. So, we decided he was ready and
scheduled his own (first) teeth cleaning next month.

Both boys' teeth reports were great. Neither have any cavities. Logan
will likely need orthodontics, which they'll keep an eye on over the
next couple of years, because preventative work can now start as early
as 8 yrs old!

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