Tuesday, August 27, 2013

V is for Victory!

Yesterday, I explained Logan's theory on his lunchbox mystery to Ms
Sandy, the teacher in charge of picking him up from school each day.
She's also on yard duty during recess and lunch time and promised me
she'd look into it today.

Sure enough, Logan was right! (What a smart cookie) And boy, was he
beaming from ear to ear when I picked him up!!

Ms Sandy told me indeed, there were two of the Angry Bird lunch boxes
with the same exact name, same writing, etc. One seemed to be in use,
since it had some lunch items in it. The other, however, was empty and
shoved at the very bottom of one of the baskets. Out of sight and out
of mind. She took that one and handed it over to me. I asked her
several times did she think it was okay and she said yes definitely,
I'm sure of it.

Well okay then!

Logan was so thrilled, he made me immediately call Jon to report the
great news.

I warned him that it might take me awhile to remove the names, if they
did come off at all. Logan reassured me I'd get the writing removed,
with an encouraging, "Never give up Mom".

It's like he's a chip off the old block. ;-)

The writing was much easier to remove than I was expecting. So, we
decided to go to town with rebranding it BACK into Logan's name. He
loved the results.

There should be no missing it now! hahhahahaha :)

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